How to Buy a Violin (or Instrument) Online

How to Buy a Violin (or Instrument) Online

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Buying a violin online can be scary, especially when looking at more advanced instruments. Here are a few tips to make your next investment a smart one. 

1. Always try before you buy!

As a rule of thumb, we always recommend trying an instrument before you commit to making the investment. But how do you do that online? Wherever you decide to purchase your instrument, always ask to see if you can try it at home for a few days (at the minimum). This gives you an opportunity to have a professional give you feedback (our next point).

The Violin Center offers a 7-Day In-Home Trial on ALL INSTRUMENTS! Love your instrument or your money back! It's that simple. 

2. Have a professional provide feedback

During your in-home trial period, have someone you trust check it out. Most likely, you have a professional not too far away that can give you their honest opinion about the instrument. This can be your local music teacher, music store, a violinist friend or family member, etc. 

The Violin Center will be more than happy to inspect your instrument even if you don't buy from us. We care about all musicians and want the absolute best for them.

3. Ensure it includes a professional setup

We cannot stress this point enough. Even the $100 violin you find on Amazon/eBay can sound decent if it is set up correctly and not straight out of the factory. Here's what we mean. The bridge needs to be adjusted to the correct height, the pegs need to be fit correctly to make it easy to tune and stay in tune as well. The soundpost needs to be positioned in the "sweet spot" as we call it to provide an even tone throughout all strings. This step is more advanced and requires a professional luthier and tools. There's a few more things on the setup list but these are the major ones. 

The Violin Center provides a professional setup before it ships out on ALL INSTRUMENTS (no ifs, ands or buts) to ensure the best possible sound and playability.

4. Ask about a warranty

Most reputable violin makers will include a warranty (at least for a year) to guarantee the instrument won't fall apart on you during your first music lesson. This can also cover defective parts that may break down the road which can be expensive to repair. 

The Violin Center provides a Lifetime Warranty on most instruments/bows to ensure your investment is protected! Most cases also include a 1-year warranty. Contact us for more details to see what's included.

5. Purchase from a reputable dealer

Beware of online scammers and stores that don't specialize in instruments. It's important to purchase from a store that is knowledgable in their products so you invest in a quality instrument and not an overpriced toy. Also, even if you need a simple service performed such as a string replaced, it helps if the employees know how to and have you playing asap. 


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