student cello

Student Cello

Looking for a student or beginner cello? Browse the most popular outfits that include everything you or your student needs to begin their musical journey. Our Eastman Strings line of cellos is used in schools and orchestras all over the world and can be yours too! Featuring high quality materials and expert craftsmanship, you’ll be enjoying your instrument for many years.

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Intermediate Cellos

Are you becoming a better cello player and now looking to upgrade? Or perhaps a loved one has outgrown their beginner model. Regardless, you’ve come to the right place for instruments made specifically for advancing students or very lucky beginners! Browse the very sought after cellos such as the Andreas Eastman, Albert Nebel and Jean-Pierre Lupot, highly recommended by cello instructors.

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intermediate cello
advanced cello

Advanced Cellos

Congratulations! If you’re looking for an advanced cello, it must mean all those years of practice have paid off and you’re now ready to invest in a professional cello. Pat yourself on the back and get ready to shop some of the highest quality master cellos available from Eastman Strings. Most of these instruments are made in Europe using the finest select materials to provide the cellist with not just a beautiful looking instrument, but one that will turn heads when you play! Makers in this category include:  Frederich Wyss, Jonathan Li, Pietro Lombardi, Raul Emiliani, Rudoulf Doetsch and Wilhelm Klier.

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cello bow

Cello Bows

Browse our consistently growing collection of quality cello bows here whether you’re just looking for an extra bow, upgrading or maybe broken your last one! Hopefully, it’s not the last option but either way, we’ve got you covered. Shop bows from all kinds of material including: fiberglass (almost unbreakable, please don’t try), carbon graphite, carbon fiber, brazilwood and pernambuco to complement your instrument.

Bonus: Want colored bow hair? Please let us know and our professional luthier Walter would be more than happy to install any color you’d like!

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Cello Cases

Cases are important in keeping your instrument safe! With us, you can protect your cello in style with the most popular cello cases on the market including: BAM, Bobelock, Core and Gewa!

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