Where are the instruments made?

We get instruments all over the world, mostly from Europe. To ensure only quality instruments leave our shop, all final inspections and adjustments are performed by us in Chicago, IL USA.

Do you ship to all countries? If so, how much?

Yes. Please contact us for international pricing. Average $100-150 with 100% insurance and tracking.

What is your return policy.

Please read our return policy.

What strings do you recommend on a violin?

We typically recommend Thomastik Dominant and install them standard on all our violins. They are easy to tune, easy on the fingers, and produce a nice, sweet tone.

When buying a violin online, what should you look for?

Go with a name brand such as Eastman Strings or Scott Cao that are well-known and handmade instruments. Also, make sure it includes a "setup." This ensures your action (string height) is correct and is easy on the fingers. Also, the pegs may need to be adjusted to ensure tuning is easy. Soundpost (inside violin) gets positioned to the ideal place for optimal sound and much more. A professional setup is included on all our instruments. No ifs ands or buts.