Bam 2002XL Hightech Contoured Violin Case
Bam 2002XL Hightech Contoured Violin Case
Bam 2002XL Hightech Contoured Violin Case
Bam 2002XL Hightech Contoured Violin Case
Bam 2002XL Hightech Contoured Violin Case
Bam 2002XL Hightech Contoured Violin Case

Bam 2002XL Hightech Contoured Violin Case


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The Hightech expertise made in France.

Weight: 1,6 kg

Inside Features:

  • Suspension of the instrument on injected foam cushions
  • Inside removable accessory pouch
  • 2 bow holders
  • Strap for a "Kun" style shoulder rest

Outside Features:

  • Shells made of the Bam Hightech technique : a triple-ply structure made of high performance materials (ABS, Airex foam, another type of ABS)
  • Outstanding protection and ultralight weight
  • 2 comfortable neoprene anti-slip backpack straps with security screw hooks
  • 2 soft-touch latches with key
  • Very comfortable bi-material side handle
  • Subway handle
  • Male/female airtight seal
  • Anti-slip and anti-wear rubber patches on the bottom outer shell

Inside Dimensions:

  • Total Length: 62 cm
  • Body Length: 38 cm
  • Upper bout: 17 cm
  • Lower bout: 22 cm

Outside Dimensions:

  • 79x25x18 cm


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A. Marker - Amazon
United States
Bam 2002XL Hightech Contoured Violin Case

Extremely good protection for my more expensive violin. Sharp looking exterior. Lightweight. Comfortable to carry to lessons strapped to my back (I usually walk and it's just over six miles round trip). Airtight seal keeps the temperature from fluctuating and protects the instrument from the weather. Nice durable set of shoulder and subway straps. Arrived ahead of schedule and with no damage. Internal strap for shoulder rest works great. No storage space for music but I knew that when I purchased it. I added an internal hygrometer and so far it's been a terrific purchase.

T. Boyer - Amazon
United States
Bam 2002XL Hightech Contoured Violin Case

I've had this case about 2 years now; it is excellent but I have a couple of reservations: 1) Weight is heavier than listed. I've seen claims that it weighs 1.6 kg/3.5 pounds, which is simply not true. I put it on a highly accurate digital scale and came up with 4.5 pounds empty, 4.8 pounds with the packpack straps. At that weight, it is really not much lighter than other hard shell cases and arguably not worth the high price that Bam charges. 2) Hardware is top notch and should last a long time, and the soft plastic edge gives you a pretty good weather seal. However, closing this case is quirky. The storage compartment (removable, which is admirable) has a zipper. If the zipper is not closed, the case won't close because the storage compartment gets in the way of the soft plastic case edge. Still, two strong steel latches are a lot better than most of the closure systems out there. 3) As many others have noted, this case will show scuffs. If you bump it against a plaster wall, the plaster gets deposited on the case. What people need to know is these scuffs can be removed with a little floor wax (or, for that matter, violin polish). They're not permanent. I use this case hard and I have found the outer shell to be quite durable and scratch-resistent. Summary: It's very well designed, beautifully made, the hardware is top notch. The shell is very strong and does not flex even under heavy pressure. Inside, the suspension system is well engineered -- violins and bows are going to be safe. Nevertheless, if you're hesitating based on the price, you might look at some other brands -- Bobelock, or Core. There are pretty good Bam knockoffs out there, and other hard-shell cases that cost several hundred dollars less. Every year it seems to me the choices get better. Still, if you've got the money and you want something that will provide really good protection, you can't go wrong. This case is built to take a lot of abuse.