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Scott Cao

Scott Cao Signature Series Violin

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The Scott Cao Signature Series violins are hand-crafted in the Scott Cao's Cambell, California by their Award Winning Luthier Shi Liao. All instruments are handmade with select 30+ year old Bosnian Maple and Italian Spruce.

The Signature Series also comes in a Superior Signature Series model. These violins are the instruments that standout as the finest Signature Series violins made.

These violins are made custom and upon request only from the Scott Cao workshop. Depending on inventory these violins might have a waiting time of approximately 6 months. Please consult with us before making a purchase and we'll try our best to meet your needs.

  • Highest quality ebony fingerboard
  • Beautiful lightweight boxwood fittings
  • Oil varnish applied using traditional methods and inspired by the Italian master makers

About Scott Cao's Cambell workshop
Scott Cao has a team of ten working at the Campbell workshop. Among them are international award winning makers. 
The Signature Series is exclusively made by luthier Shi Liao, strictly under the supervision of master maker Scott Cao himself. 

All the instruments are made with selected European Wood (Mostly maple from Bosnia and Italian spruce). The finish of these instruments is applied to resemble either an antique or a straight new finish. The beautiful oil varnish used follows the traditional methods perfected by the Italian master makers of centuries past.

Instruments made in our Campbell workshop are in the hands of advanced students and professional players. Teachers across the nation have been recommending Scott's instruments for years.

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