Scott Cao STV-017 Student Violin Outfit
Scott Cao STV-017 Student Violin Outfit
Scott Cao STV-017 Student Violin Outfit
Scott Cao STV-017 Student Violin Outfit

Scott Cao STV-017 Student Violin Outfit

Scott Cao


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The Scott Cao 017 Violin is one of the best student violins you can find when considering both the quality and affordability. Violin instructors highly recommend this violin and will be glad you made the investment. Unlike other student violins, the Scott Cao is hand-carved from aged woods and finished by hand with a beautiful antique-looking varnish.

  • Thomastik Dominant Strings (sweet tone and easy to tune)
  • Maple Bridge (high quality)
  • Guarneri Model Chinrest
  • 4x Fine Tuners (easier to fine-tune)
  • All work is performed by professional violin makers

What's included in the outfit?
  • Scott Cao Violin
  • Brazilwood Bow
  • Shaped Case
  • Dark Rosin

All instruments include a 1-year limited warranty.

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Nichole Mueller - Amazon

Scott Cao STV-017 Student Violin Outfit

For a 3/4 violin the Scott Cao has good sound. It doesn't sound like a squeaky toy. The violin appears to be well made. It is quite light, so it may not be the most durable for young kids. As an adult I needed something smaller than the 4/4 that I started on. I like the tone, but it isn't as lovely as my 4/4. In the future, when I can afford it, Ill probably spend the money to get a better quality violin. But for the price the Scott Cao is probably the best deal you can find. A very decent starter instrument. Scott Cao also makes higher end models and I will likely look at those in a future purchase. This instrument is very easy to play and since I have tiny hands that strain too much on the 4/4 I am content practicing on this. Update- After owning this instrument for about a year the sound has gotten much better. It now very much resembles the sound of my 4/4 instrument. It is really a beautiful instrument. When playing it, no one would suspect its not a 4/4.

Sam Fredrickson

Scott Cao STV-017 Student Violin Outfit

This violin almost sounds better than my $2,000 violin from a local shop in Chicago. Marek and his dad are great people to deal with and super helpful. I had dozens of questions that were answered on multiple occassions and impressed with the quality of the Scott Cao student model.

Bryan Cerny

Scott Cao STV-017 Student Violin Outfit

Can't beat the price, especially with the 10% off! The violin arrived safely and required a signature, BIG PLUS++. I live in a condo and always have trouble with my delivery service leaving things in the open. The violin itself is very pretty and easy to tune with the Dominant strings compared to my old violin.